Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Zone in Central

hong kong umbrella movement zone now


A few days ago, I revisited the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Zone again for

finishing project.

When I visited the place , this area was packed with many participants. Now Bus

and many cars are going and coming. Then I asked to myself. What is Hong Kong

to me?


I have been living in this city country for 8 years.  Still Do not know much about

this city. In Korean’s view, Korean citizen starts fighting against something till

they achieve their aim. In the end, the violence gets into the fight. Even some

people kill themselves for the aim.

I have been just observer here in Hong Kong for umbrella movement.

Just go to the area and press the shutter for the News Agency.

Recently I start to want to know more deep side of Hong Kong people

their worries , their wish , their life..


Photo from series of Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

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