Clearance Sale Orange Juice in the morning

Clearance Bottle 11 HKD Orange Juice

2 bottles of clearance sale orange juice help me overcome light flu body.

Between Hong Kong steaming – burning weather  and refrigerator cold

air conditioner shopping mall is best condition to be caught in flu.

Early morning wake up makes me feel to have Korea style hot bath with special

towel to do massage on all of my body. Right after bath, went to village

restaurant for breakfast and good black coffee. Not enough for my body to get

better.  My brain orders me to go to grocery store to grab some orange juice.

Some bottle of orange juice was on clearance corner at 11 Hong Kong Dollar.

1.2 USD I guess.

breakfast select in my village

On the other side, grandma was looking for her snack. 

Everyone is trying to find something for morning which makes them feel fresh

and full. That’s breakfast. 


What’s my breakfast for soul which makes me feel fresh and full.?

On the way home, I was thinking to myself of this freckled thoughts and ideas.

Thanking for everything  given by my friends ,family,Mother nature,village

friends,Indian security guard greeting me every morning is my breakfast for my soul. 

So my deep appreciation of them urge me to share their beautiful moments from their life by photos. 

a few months ago, asking public worker for village hygiene to be photographed helps me understand their life and story of public worker. The old man ask me to send

a photo of him by e-mail. We become friends later. 

Sometimes I gave them any drinkable bottle to express my thanks for their contribution to village. 


This is my energy source to continue to take photograph “in my village series”

and also my breakfast for my soul.


What a day! I thank my God to allow me another day to live.

25 Aug 2015