I am Going to Hong Kong Pro Democracy Protesting Place Tomorrow..

trash dumping spot hong kong rubbish truck container hong kong

Last week I was on the spot called Admiralty  MTR Station ( Hong Kong Subway Station).


So many young students were there and many tents for them were set up .


In my life time, I never went to protesting place, It was a little bit scary for me before arriving.


As soon as I got there,it was different from my expectation. So peaceful and quiet.

In Hong Kong, All the time I hear some construction  and traffic noise like Dah Dah Dah..

There was so quiet. I loved it. Like I do all the time  started walking around area.

When I decide d to leave there around 7:00 PM , I talked to myself ” come back next week”

The reason why I decided to come back to this place,  was

finding true reason why University Students are doing this protesting there.


I  have been living in Hong Kong for 7  years, I sense there is true reason for Students

who is participating into this movement .


It is their worries for their future. No hope is the reason for them to join in.


Hong Kong has been changed a lot since I came to HK 7 years ago.


Even As Korean, I feel it is difficult to find hope from Hong Kong in reality.


High Renting Price, Big company are doing every business. There is no opportunity for small company or personnel.

High Inflation.  In “Taste Grocery Store” vegetable price is jumping.  Even I started using local traditional market for cheap price.

Tomorrow I will be going to Hong Kong Pro Democracy ” Umbrella movement” to find and tell story about hopeless hong kong.